Wednesday, July 21, 2010

oops, I did it again

Okay, I have to admit something very shameful now: I woke up this morning and, in the throes of a terrible headache (excuses, excuses), got dressed in my workout clothes. And I haven't changed out of them all day. Everybody needs a day off, right? The thing is, there is a certain kind of woman in these parts whose daily uniform seems to be: a certain kind of Nike running shorts, a tank top, a bleached blond Bumpit ponytail, and diamond studs in her ears. Since I am not tall, fit or tan (and I don't have pierced ears and I gave my Bumpit to Goodwill), I tend to shy away from this kind of outfit. Also because I think clothing should be more of a creative choice than that. But anyway, I spent a day walking on the Dark Side and I have to admit it was a little thrilling.

However, I DID get dressed yesterday, in my 17th challenge outfit!

skirt - American Apparel, tank - GAP, scarf - Lifestyles (hippie store), sandals - GAP, belt - Target

Scarf-as-top day! Proof that I've learned at least one useful thing from this challenge. I hope my huge multi-colored headings properly convey how excited I am to officially be on the downward slope of the 30 for 30 challenge. Not shopping is harder than I thought it would be! In the interest of full disclosure, I came this close to buying a straw boater hat and a teapot necklace at Forever 21 the other day, and was stopped not by a guilty conscience but rather by a very long line at the register. Still, I think taking a break from shopping is a very good idea, and hopefully will make me a much more careful and frugal shopper in the future.

For now, I'm off on an adventure! I leave early tomorrow morning for my family's yearly week-long trip to Colorado, where there will be a lot of eating, a lot of looking at the mountains while drinking hot beverages in the morning, and a little light hiking (we wouldn't want to strain ourselves). I will hopefully have sporadic internet during the trip (I need to get away from technology for a bit, to be honest), but I will still be keeping to the challenge and photographing my outfits, and will compile a massive outfit post upon my return!

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