Wednesday, July 7, 2010

30 for 30 three and four

Today you get two outfits for the price of one--it was just one of those days when it becomes necessary to drop everything, shower, and completely change clothes around 5 p.m. This morning I was functioning on less than an ideal amount of sleep (up too late writing cover letters). Whenever I'm sleep-deprived, I get really cold--does that happen to anyone else? Anyway, between that and the cloudy skies outside I just wanted something cozy and comforting, hence this outfit turned out to be more an autumn-appropriate combination.

dress - Fossil, cardigan - GAP, scarf - vintage (my mom's), shoes - Target, bracelet - museum gift shop, necklace - handmade

I love scarves because they're like a blanket you wear, and I love belts because they're like a hug you wear. Sorry--have I mentioned I'm sleep-deprived? Anyway, I should say a couple words about my necklace - it's actually made from beans! I purchased it from a friend who was selling them on behalf of her host-brother in Nicaragua, who makes them by hand with local nuts and beans. I think it's really lovely and for a long time I wore this necklace every day.

Most of my day was spent taking my aunt's newly rescued puppy to the vet. She's the cutest thing ever, but she's also suffering from the fleas and ticks which are a side effect of her mistreatment and abandonment before she was found by my aunt. Luckily, the vet says she's reasonably healthy and, now that she's being treated for worms and has her vaccinations, she should grow into a healthy dog! I'm so relieved. So basically I spent the day cuddling a flea-ridden puppy, hence the need to come home and shower and change.

Tonight I went to go see Eclipse, the new Twilight movie, with some friends. I'm not really a twilight fan, but I am a fan of awesomely bad movies and making snarky comments, so it was enjoyable evening. Continuing my theme of being cold even though it's in the mid-80s outside, I wanted an outfit that would be suitable for an air-conditioned movie theater.

jeans - GAP, shoes - Target, top - Urban Outfitters, cardigan - Old Navy, necklace - Fossil

I have to confess, I just recently purchased my first pair of skinny jeans, and I love them! I used to think I was too curvy to wear such tight-fitting jeans, but I decided to try them anyway, and I'm glad I did. They certainly don't hide my curves, but sometimes it's better to just flaunt these things.


Leah (The Domesticated Wife) said...

*giggles* A hug you wear, I love it. :)

Alanna said...

Jealous! That puppy is so cute. And Scout is the best name.