Monday, July 19, 2010

30 for 30 14-16

Halfway there, guys!!! To be honest, the remixing is getting a little more challenging--sure, I could just pair each of my different shirts with each of my different shirts and have 30 outfits, but that wouldn't be very interesting, now would it?

This was a good, very low-key weekend, mostly spent reading and pretending to clean but really reading some more. We also celebrated my grandmother's 91st birthday! To be honest I am trying to remember what I did on Saturday right now and all I can recall is that at one point I ate some rhubarb pie. I guess that's good enough?


boots- vintage, dress - Fossil, tee - Target, belt - vintage

I finally got my new boots in the mail! I bought them a couple of weeks ago and included them in my original 30 for 30 choices -- I just didn't know it would take me quite so long to get my hands on them. Nonetheless, they are beautiful, and I'm excited to have them in my closet. I don't wear leather unless it's second-time-around leather (according to my constantly fluctuating moral code, as long as I'm not supporting the current leather industry, it's okay). I probably over-think things a little bit.

Oh, also: I went to Walmart in this outfit and a guy unironically purchasing a bald eagle/american flag T-shirt told me he liked my outfit, so I'm counting it as a win.

dress - Urban Outfitters, shoes - TOM'S, tee - Gap, belt - J.Crew, necklace - gift

I am pleased to announce that I actually did a decent job of going outside to take pictures this weekend! I am getting better at the whole tripod/self-timer routine. Anyhow, this outfit was very easy and felt comfy all day. Without this challenge, I never would have thought to layer my shirts and dresses like I did on Saturday and Sunday -- I typically just throw a cardigan on over a dress and that's the extent of my fashion ingenuity. Anyway: fashion! It's happening over here, y'all!

skirt - self-made, shoes - TOM'S, shirt - vintage, necklace - gift, scarf - gift

This photo looks completely demented--can you believe it was the best of the bunch? My outfit today was completely sloppy-dirty-hippie, which is kind of my default mode of dressing. I also haven't shaved my legs for about two weeks (overshare?). I went to the dentist this morning (while suffering from horrific cramps), and figured I was suffering enough without also exerting the effort to dress decently.

I have been craving cold weather lately (i.e. have been watching a lot of netflixed Northern Exposure and fantasizing about winter soups). I'm still kind of enjoying the summer heat, though--it's very satisfying in a southern gothic novel / iced tea on the verandah kind of way (easy to say when one can hide in an air conditioned building all day like I can). I always romanticize the season I'm not in at the moment -- in six months, when I'm in the throes of January seasonal depression, I know I'll be longing for summer again.


Sara said...

Love that Fossil dress and those boots are amazing!

Alanna said...

Your picture for #14 may actually be the cutest thing ever. I also love your garden dragon.

daisymay aka Chantele said...

oh how I lust for vintage cowboy boots!!

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