Friday, July 16, 2010

30 for 30 12 & 13, plus NEW GLASSES!

So I ended up changing into yet another outfit before going out last night, due to an unfortunate incident related to my insistence on wearing SPF 100 sunscreen and a navy blue top at the same time. The sunscreen (and the bug spray I layered on top of it) turned out to be entirely unnecessary, since a thunderstorm swept through town, canceling our plans to watch a movie on the lawn at the art museum. Instead, Jessa and I ate our picnic in the car while watching the storm move in, then stopped by Starbucks for caffeine and headed to a late (indoor) movie. Still a fun night!

top - F21 (dress), shorts - Levi's, shoes - GAP, belt - vintage (my grandma's from the '40s)

I think I've finally mastered the dress-as-top challenge! The key is a wide, tight belt that will keep everything in place once you've folded and tucked it up. Does anybody have a more reliable method to make this work?

Also, my hummingbird and butterfly garden is doing SO well due to all the rain we've been having lately! I can't believe I grew it entirely from seed!

Tonight I headed to Lanna Thai (reliably the best Thai food in Tulsa, in case you were wondering) for a farewell dinner for Ruth, who's moving to Taiwan with her husband in a couple of weeks. It was good to be able to say a laid-back good-bye. I've become so much closer to Ruth, since we were both back living in Tulsa this year. I'll miss you, friend!

Top - Modcloth, Skirt - self-made, Tote - craft fair purchase, Shoes - Nine West outlet

I really like this loose, blousy silhouette for summer. I also like the combination of a very femine outfit with my new 1960s astronaut glasses! These glasses are the most amazing thing ever and seriously make me feel so confident! (even if I look a little sheepish here - I made Lissie photograph me in front of Lanna Thai and was a little embarrassed that people walking in had caught me pretending to be stylish).

I don't know about you, but I've had a very long week and am looking forward to a relaxing and productive weekend. I'm going to try to stay off the computer (except for the occasional episode of True Blood...), and will be back with more outfit posts on Monday! Do you have exciting weekend plans?


Anonymous said...

Your new glasses are too cute! You! Love.

KT said...

Love these yellow shoes. I've got a pair and have been surprised to find that they really go with so many things.