Monday, July 12, 2010

30 for 30 - nine!

This outfit looks totally inappropriate for the sunny weather happening in the photo, but when I initially got dressed this morning it was (yet again) rainy and gray outside. Plus I spent the morning at the optometrist, and was dressing for a chilly doctor's office environment.

jeans - GAP, top - Fossil, scarf - vintage (from my mom), bracelet - vintage, belt - Target

Today I learned that boring T-shirt + big scarf + belt = new top! That's handy to know. I also spent the morning shopping (oops!). Actually, since my prescription changed and I hadn't gotten new glasses for a couple of years, I decided that some fancy specs were a Necessary Medical Expense, and thus exempt from the 30 for 30 shopping ban. I picked out some pretty cool ones too--they kind of make me look like I work for NASA mission control in 1963 (in a good way).

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aliciafashionista said...

oh wow, I am so obsessed with the t shirt, scarf, and belt combo! Especially the colours, so rich and beautiful xo