Monday, September 7, 2009

Braids & Warm Hands!

I have recently become obsessed with the Flickr group Braid Wednesday. I've also been wearing my hair in braids more and more (especially on bad hair days--see above!) Maybe I should join?

It's campaign season in Tulsa, and there are approximately 50 mayoral candidates.

But most importantly, I made some hand warmers! These are from the "Victoria Fingerless Mittens" pattern in Knitting Little Luxuries. I made them with Caron "Country" in "Coral Lipstick." This yarn is nice because it's cheap and mostly acrylic, but doesn't feel cheap and acrylic. It's 25% Merino, but not scratchy at all--I'm usually super wool-sensitive, and these don't make me itch in the least. And they're cozy and a little victorian-y and make me feel like I'm ready for fall to come!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

green weekend

This weekend was full of green... it's finally cooling off a little here, and the yearly end-of-summer drought that turns everything brown seems to have passed us by.

A Birthday List

23 Things to Do Before I Turn 24
(a.k.a. Jeez, I'm old now!)

1. Purchase a drop spindle and roving and learn how to spin!
2. Visit Grinnell friends in Iowa
3. Visit A-Ro et al in Chicago
4. Visit Leigh in Prague
5. Visit Ali & Rachel et al in Minneapolis
6. Go running regularly & run a 5K
7. Take more pictures without an occasion
8. Take an art class of some sort
9. Take a yoga class or just do yoga regularly again
10. Learn how to drive stick shift
11. Write a romance novel
12. And submit it to publishers
13. Write poetry again
14. And submit it to journals
15. Sell stuff on Etsy!
16. Learn how to flamenco dance (take lessons from Lexi)
17. Cook and eat more unfamiliar food
18. Cuddle with Cricket & Lucy (my dog and cat!) more
19. Cuddle more in general
20. Make fewer lists
21. See at least 1 live music show per month
22. See at least 1 theater performance per month
23. Spend a WHOLE DAY reading in the hammock