Monday, July 12, 2010

30 for 30 six, seven and eight

This weekend's trip to St. Louis was a bit of a whirlwind, but a little time out of town was also exactly what I needed. I drove up on Friday morning with a friend, and we stopped in Rolla, Missouri to eat lunch and check out UMR's scale model of Stonehenge.

Top - GAP, shorts - Levi's, shoes - TOM's, bag - craft fair purchase, sunglasses - Target, necklace - F21, head scarf - vintage (from my mom)

My road tripping outfit was pretty basic (comfort is important when you're driving for seven hours), but I do love the back detail on this tank top:

Upon getting into the city on Friday, we decided to have a late afternoon snack of gooey butter cake from Gooey Louie, and a peach concrete from Ted Drewes! After all that sugar we still had a little room for dinner, and met up with my college friend Anna for Vietnamese food, used-bookstore-strolling, and late hours at the St. Louis Art Museum.

Saturday we were up early to meet Anna again for pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes at Booster's Cafe (ridiculously good), followed by a stop at Third Degree Glass Factory so Anna could pick up some blown-glass creations she had made! Then we rounded out the day with a trip to the St. Louis Science Center, where we checked out an exhibit about pirates (!), one about Charles Darwin that made me want to become an amateur naturalist, and an amazing Omnimax movie about the Hubble Space Telescope. I love learning about cool new things!

dress - F21, belt - Target, bag - craft fair purchase, shoes - GAP

(with respect to the length of this dress, I have decided to adapt a Lady Gaga approach to dressing in which pants and decency are viewed as entirely optional)

Sunday morning we got up to go to church and brunch with my grandmother, who taught me everything I know about garment construction! She's a retired home ec teacher, and spent the Saturday afternoon of our visit judging the local 4H sewing entries.

dress - Old Navy, cardigan - Old Navy, shoes - Target, belt - Delias, necklace - craft fair

p.s. I'm having the hardest time figuring out how to turn an image into a link in Blogger! Does anyone have any good advice for someone who is practically computer illiterate?

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