Monday, July 5, 2010

30 for 30 Day 1

Okay, people, I am really pulling out all the stops for this 30 for 30 thing. By which I mean, I actually managed to both iron my skirt AND shave my legs, all on the same day. This is a rare occurrence.

It was actually kind of hard to put an outfit together this morning because I felt like I had too many things to choose from! Restricting the pool of clothing I can use already has me thinking of more creative ways to wear what I already own, but I'm sure I will be desperately fantasizing about other clothes soon enough. I went with something simple and appropriate for the heat today, but still nice enough to go out for dinner and a movie later. Also, I'm trying to train myself to actually wear heels out of the house--usually I get dressed in the morning, put on nice shoes, and then end up changing into flats when faced with the prospect of actually having to go somewhere and, you know, walk. I need to learn how to be a grown-up lady!

top - GAP, skirt - self-made, shoes - Nine West outlet

belt - thrifted, bird necklace - fossil, bottle-cap necklace - craft fair purchase, watch locket - gift


Ady said...

This looks terrific! I love your striped top!

Kayla said...

I'm using this shirt in yellow and gray in my 30 for 30!!! Love the outfit. Fantastic first choice.

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

love this look--completely!
that shirt is rad, i love the skirt (yay for making your own stuff!) and i hear ya on remixing forcing you to be more creative (me too!).

Domesticated Wife said...

I like how you used all your accessories. :)

Sara said...

Love that shirt & I have the same Fossil bird necklace. It's so adorable!