Tuesday, August 10, 2010

With my tail between my legs...

I'm back from my far-too-long absence. Oh, blog people, I am so ashamed at my failure to post before this. I have the usual litany of excuses: I was out of town, then all my laundry was dirty from vacation so I couldn't wear any of my 30 for 30 options, then I went to Lolla in Chicago and I knew I'd have to burn any clothes I wore there, and now I'm home, incapacitated by a cold (not a surprise, since I spent the weekend in uncomfortably close quarters with approximately 200,000 (other) dirty hipsters), and finally with time to blog.

Whew. Anhow, I managed to keep to my 30 for 30 mostly during my Colorado trip. I have many photos from our yearly family vacation to the mountains that are more interesting than these ones of my outfits, but I'll get these out of the way before posting the rest.


shirt - Fossil, shorts - Levi's, cardigan - Old Navy, boots - vintage, bag - craft store purchase

(Worn to drive many hundreds of boring and hot miles across Kansas. Note the wind. Oh, also I drove through the most terrifying rain and hail storm of my life - it lasted an hour, and I literally couldn't see more than three feet in front of the car, and we were in a construction zone, so I couldn't pull off the road.)


skirt - self-made, dress-as-top - Old Navy, belt - Target, necklace - made by M's host-brother

Worn to veg out in the hotel room in Denver (note the terrible mirror photo), shop (!) (yes, I broke my shopping ban out of desperation - I forgot that it got cold in places that aren't Oklahoma, and didn't pack a jacket, so I ended up buying one on deep discount at Eddie Bauer), eat a lot of food, and see Inception


jacket - GAP, skirt - self-made, top (not visible) - UO, scarf - vintage, boots - vintage

Worn to pick up my grandmother at the Denver airport, drive to Estes Park, buy food for the week, eat at the Sundeck, and discover that our cabin had both mice and spiders.


shirt - Target, scarf - Target, sunglasses - Target, plus gross hiking cut-offs and shoes!

These shorts and shoes weren't part of my 30 options, but they were a necessary capitulation to practicality while on the trail. I'm counting them as workout wear. Also, this was worn to hike at Bear Lake, picnic at Sprague Lake, and take approximately 40 billion close-ups of wildflowers and dead trees. If you are lucky you will see some of them soon.


shirt - GAP, scarf headband - Vintage, necklace - craft fair, plus hiking cut-offs and shorts

This outfit is obviously the epitome of laziness, but as you can see from the background, I had more important things on my mind! Part 2 of vacation outfits coming soon, after a gratuitous photo post of pretty mountain scenery.

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