Saturday, January 8, 2011

Checking in on 24 before 25

I apologize for the fact that the above photo of me as a small child has absolutely nothing to do with this post... I just like it and I hate to post anything without a photo accompanying it!

I thought, in the spirit of the new year and making lists of goals, it might be a good time to check in on the list I made on my birthday. (The items in bold are things I've accomplished!)

24 Things Before I Turn 25

1. Participate in the 365 Project.
Ummm... abandoned.
2. Make homemade preserves.
I made amazing peach preserves when I visited Briel in Tuskahoma, and I made some awesome apple butter and gingered pear marmalade to give as gifts this Christmas!
3. Learn how to spin with a drop spindle.
Also accomplished in Tuskahoma!
4. Go to Dollywood.
Not yet! Maybe this spring or summer?
5. Go on a long hike.
6. Spend an afternoon reading outside.
7. Take a yoga class.
I've started going to Yoga once a week at the YMCA and it's amazing!
8. Sell my wares at a craft fair.
Sharing a table with May at Indie Emporium was definitely one of the highlights of the fall!
9. Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
This still needs to happen!
10. Volunteer at the Humane Society.
I think I'm going to start doing this in the next month or so!
11. Go to a show at Cain's.
On New Year's Eve I went to see Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey cover Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Beyonce, along with some other local artists. It was awesome!
12. Take a dance class.
No! But a new dance studio is opening just down the street from where I work... maybe the time is ripe to delve back into the world of adult ballet.
13. Throw a party.
14. Write a YA novel.
I'm working on it right now!
15. Get my photography certificate.
I'm signed up for 5 more photography classes this spring.
16. Go out dancing.
I think going to see jfjo counts, considering the amount of dancing that was going on at that show!
17. Go to a show at the Brady.
I went to see Vampire Weekend there in October!
18. Apply to Library Science grad school.
My applications will officially be complete on January 15!
19. Write a chick lit novel.
Done! That was my Nanowrimo novel this year.
20. Go to the Tulsa State Fair.
Yes! I went to the fair and saw amazing cakes and cute animals and ate waaaaay too much fried food.
21. Go to a show at the BOK Center.
22. Visit NYC.
Not yet, but my friend A and I have been talking about a trip there together sometime.
23. Attend a music festival.
No, but I'm researching and plotting....
24. Visit J in California.
This still needs to happen!

Not bad considering I'm less than 1/3 of the way to my next birthday! Does anybody else make goal lists at times other than New Year's? How are you doing on yours?

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