Monday, November 1, 2010

Tulsa Indie Emporium!

Whew! What a long, great weekend! It's a struggle this morning to get back into a productive week-day mindset (and boy do I have a lot I have to get done this week... mostly related to grad school applications... ugh). I'm feeling a bit gross--I think I have a sugar hangover from last night's Halloween treat-binge of candy, s'mores (using vegan toasted-coconut marshmallows!), roasted pumpkin seeds, and apple cider. Plus I woke up this morning and it was suddenly COLD outside! I guess this means autumn is really here.

I barely took any pictures this weekend because I was so busy! I was a vendor at Tulsa Indie Emporium, which was a truly amazing event that I was grateful to be a part of. Too often, I find myself falling into the creativity-sapping mindset of "There's nothing to do here and no interesting people," but that is definitely NOT the case! I met so many vibrant crafters and artists this weekend, and came away not only with a great sense of satisfaction from my own participation, but also with a renewed appreciation for the handmade community that exists here.

Without further ado, my weekend:

breakfast at Blue Dome Diner

My bestie/assistant/moral support Briel and my friend May of Electrofervor hanging out at our shared table

After an epic day of craft-fair-ing, we headed to Tulsa's new Anthropologie to ooh and aah over the store's beautiful clothing and housewares. I didn't buy anything, though--I'm trying to spend less money on unnecessary things (and make more of my own clothes) this fall. This weekend also involved dinner at Lanna Thai, seeing Red (it was so good!), and an afternoon of shopping at craft stores and fabric stores. Add in the aforementioned cozy Halloween evening of treat binging and answering the door for Trick or Treaters, and I'm worn out!

Happy November, friends! I'm hoping the new month brings new productivity and progress on a number of projects. Plus, I'm diving into Nanowrimo once more (I already have 1700 words that I stayed up past midnight last night to write!), and am hoping to "win" (write 50,000 words) for the third year in a row. The next few weeks are going to be busy!

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