Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gifted Magazine

I'm taking a brief break from grad school applications and novel-ing to ask my bloggy buddies (too much?) if y'all have seen Gifted Magazine? It's a new online mag put out by the lovely proprietoress of Creature Comforts, an amazing design and visual inspiration blog. (Bonus: she just moved to Tulsa so I guess she's a local blogger now too!) Anyway, Gifted Magazine is an absolute treasure trove of blogger and handmade business profiles, as well as gift ideas and (most excitingly) inexpensive and adorable DIY holiday project ideas!

Do you have a strategy for the holidays yet? My family is trying to make our celebrations more low-key, with less emphasis on gift-giving and more emphasis on the traditions that make the holidays fun, like cookie-baking and movie-watching. We're also switching from a real tree to a sparkly silver tinsel tree!

For myself, I'm trying to do make as much homemade as possible. All my gifts are going to be made by myself, and I'm hoping to have time to make cards and wrappings as well!

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