Monday, October 18, 2010

War Eagle Craft Fair!

This weekend I made my way to War Eagle Mill in northwest Arkansas for my first trip to the War Eagle craft fair! I've been wanting to go for a couple of years now, but this was the first time it was logistically possible. It was definitely an experience. With nearly 300 vendors in one place, I began to feel overwhelmed with options. I didn't get to wander among the booths as long as I would have liked, but there were some great vendors, both of handcrafted goods and of vintage odds and ends. Ultimately, the heat and dust won out over my curiosity and we departed the fair earlier than we had planned, but I was still glad I made the trip. The Ozarks are always gorgeous in the fall, and there's something about craft fairs that just seem autumny to me. What are your favorite autumn excursions?

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