Tuesday, August 17, 2010

30 for 30 FINALE!

I'm finally done! Actually, I've been done for a few days, but this weekend was busy with house guests and lots of eating, and I didn't get the time to post. Because of the haphazard nature of my 30 and "necessity" (in the form of a trip to Chicago and a couple of job interviews), I ended my shopping ban a little early, and am now resolved not to buy anything else until it's time to look for a few key pieces for fall (knowing Oklahoma weather, this will happen in like mid-October). This challenge has definitely made me more mindful about my shopping--I doubt that I will completely stop buying things on a whim at Target, but I'm hopeful that in the future I can replace a good portion of my mindless acquisition with home-sewn clothing, repurposed vintage, and higher-quality clothing from more ethical sources.

dress (as top) - Modcloth, skirt - self-made, belt - F21, shoes - Target

top - UO, skirt - American Apparel, belt - J.Crew, shoes - Nine West Outlet

short - Levi's, shoes - GAP, cardigan - Target, top - Modcloth, belt - J.Crew

(Photo Credit: BRIEL, who said, "I want you to mention me on your blog, and I don't want any of this "B" crap.")

Lucy's excited the challenge is over too!

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Sara said...

I love #29! That skirt is the perfect length and the top is so adorable.