Thursday, February 24, 2011


I'm writing this with my windows open and a spring rain falling outside. Birds are chirping, crocus are peeking their heads out of the soil, and spring has finally and truly arrived, bringing with it my annual tendency to devolve into cliche and read a lot of Wordsworth.

Anyway! Briel came to visit me this week, which was absolutely lovely and involved a lot of vegan Chinese and Vietnamese food, shopping at the fabric store, and watching every movie preview we could find in succession (this took about three hours).

I can't believe my 28 for 28 remix is nearly over (and, with it, the month of February!). I am more than ready for March to come, bringing with it leaves on trees, a trip to visit Jessa in California, and hopefully a final decision about where I'm attending grad school in the fall!


top - Anthropologie (sale), sweater - UO, belt - J. Crew, jeans - GAP, shoes - Target


top - GAP, sweater - F21, pants - Loft, shoes - TOM's


dress- vintage, belt - J.Crew, shoes - TOM's


dress - Banana Republic outlet, sweater - Old Navy, shoes - Target


top, tights & boots - Target, skirt - Boden (gift), belt - J.Crew, necklace - Anthropologie


dress (as skirt) - Modcloth, tights, boots & scarf - Target, sweater - Ruche

It looks like I spent a lot of time this week being sleepy and slightly frumpy at work. Also, I need to learn a new pose!

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