Wednesday, February 16, 2011

10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15!

Here are my next six outfits! I've found that Kendi's Remix Challenge starts to yield really interesting results about halfway through... that's the point where you're really forced to start wearing your clothes in ways you'd never thought of before. I think this set of outfits shows that, since I've started to be a little more creative with my pairings and accessories. It also doesn't hurt that the weather has finally turned nice, so I'm back to being out and about, at work and in classes, interacting with the world and wanting to make a good impression through the way I dress.


blouse - Modcloth, cardigan - F21, pants - Loft, shoes - UO

p.s. You might have noticed that my original set of items to remix only included 27 pieces--this floral blouse is my 28th piece, which arrived about a week into February.


shirt - Fossil, cardigan - F21, skirt - Boden (gift), boots - Target


sweater - Ruche, pants - Loft, shoes - Target


t-shirt, sweater & skirt - Target, tights - Hue, shoes - UO, belt - J. Crew, pearls - ??


blouse - modcloth, skirt - American Apparel, boots - Target, belt - J.Crew

p.s. This was my Valentine's Day outfit? Is it hearts-and-flowers-y enough?


long-sleeved tee - Target, blouse - Anthropologie (sale/gift), jeans - GAP, shoes - UO

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