Friday, February 4, 2011

1, 2, 3, 4, Can I have a little more?

Is anybody except me STILL snowed in from the blizzard earlier this week? I elected not to go in to work today because the roads are still awful, and after it started snowing AGAIN this morning I got a call telling me not to bother coming in tomorrow, either. So.... six-day snowday? I guess I'll take it! I am definitely starting to suffer from cabin fever, and am hoping to be able to get out and do something--anything!--by Sunday, at least.

Under the circumstances, I'm pretty proud to have gotten the February wardrobe remix challenge underway! So far I've taken all my photos indoors, which I hate doing, but to be quite honest I'm just impressed that I haven't been in my pajamas since Monday. So, here's my first four looks:

shirt - Target, courderoys - Loft, boots - Target, hat - Talbot's (gift), scarf - Target

dress - vintage, tights - Hue, shoes - Target, hat - self-made, necklace - handmade (a gift)

skirt - Boden (gift), tights, shoes & shirt - Target, sweater - UO, hat - Talbot's (gift)

jeans - GAP, top - NY & Co, cardigan - F21, boots - Target, hat - Talbot's (gift)

So far the remix is going pretty well, although I'm excited to get of the house and have a reason to get more dressed up! Tonight we went to the WalMart that's about a mile from our house to get a few groceries, which was my first time out in a week. I got so excited to have a reason to put on a more put-together outfit! Then I realized that I was dressing up to go to WalMart. Have I mentioned the cabin fever?

I'm having a great time perusing Kendi's list of 30 for 30 bloggers. There are so many, I don't know if I'll be able to make it through by the end of the month! I'm looking forward to discovering some great new blogs.

And now, to make up for the poor quality of my photos this week: a gratuitously cute picture of my cat!


Alanna said...

That is such a terrifying cat picture. Just a blob with fangs! YOU are adorable though

May said...

Kathryn, I'm going absolutely crazy. I've almost watched all three seasons of Veronica Mars, I've made three homemade pizzas and now I'm thinking about making calzone.

Amanda said...

Agreed. Cricket looks really frightening. ALSO I really love the cardigan in outfit four.

loveandpeaceF said...

Great outfits!! The 2nd and 4th are my favorites :) Good luck with rest of the challenge, Im doing it too :)


a. harms said...

First of all you look great in hats. And second, that black and white dress is about the cutest dress ever!

The Natty and Jessie Show said...

Your vintage frock is gorgous! And as for your cat! WHAT A CUTIE!!!

Brittney said...

your outfits are fabulous! i think my favorite is the second one, that plaid dress? adorable, especially paird with your red hat. too cute.
-brittney (fellow remixer)