Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Last Thursday morning I woke before the sun had fully risen, dragged myself painfully out of bed, and threw my bags in the car. Then I picked up my two oldest friends and set off on a ROAD TRIP! I love road trips. I love propping my feet on the dash, I love road snacks, I love mix tapes and rolling hills and taking naps against the window.

This particular trip took us to Texas, where we spent one day lazing on the beach and one day exploring San Antonio, including witnessing a cactus auction! We stumbled across a cactus sale at the garden center in San Antonio, and before we knew it an auctioneer was selling large, mysteriously shaped cacti to a group of eager cactus lovers.

It was wonderful to take a step outside my normal life and have a little bit on an adventure. I always feel rejuvenated and eager to try new things when I get home from a trip. I'm planning lots of travel this summer, so hopefully I'll be incredibly motivated all the time. Hm.

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