Saturday, April 17, 2010

pretty pretty pictures

I've been taking a lot more photos lately, mostly due to the fact that I'm taking a photography class at the local community college. I conned my parents into buying me a fancy camera, so I figured I should probably actually learn how to use it. (I don't think they minded too much... my dad is a huge photography buff and when I was taking pictures today he was hovering over my shoulder, giving me instructions about which shutter speeds to use).

These were taken at a nursery and the hardscaping retailer next door. In case you can't tell, I've just learned all about depth of field, so I'm kind of obsessed with dialing my aperture way down to get that blurry background effect. I'm pretty pleased with how these turned out, and I may even use a couple of them for the photographic scavenger hunt which is my final project for photo class!

Time to go--I just went to the grocery store, and there's some cookies & cream ice cream with my name on it in the freezer.

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