Saturday, April 17, 2010

Let's play dress-up!

I recently inherited some great '70s and '80s patterns from my mother (by "inherited" I mean, "she was going to throw them away and I saved them from the trash"), and I was looking through them today when it struck me that, with a few variations, these patterns could yield a super cute summer wardrobe! Through the magic of genetics, I'm about the same size now my mother was back in the day, so I could definitely make these patterns work for me.

I love the white shirt dress with the belt! Shirt-dresses are usually a bit awkward on me because I'm somewhat short-waisted, but the great thing about sewing for yourself is that you can adjust the fit of a garment to your heart's content. I can totally see this in a floral print with a contrast belt and collar, or maybe in navy with red top-stitching. What do you think?

Love the turquoise blouse with the huge bow at the neck. I would make it sleeveless or give it cap sleeves, and make the bow a contrast color. Maybe a light pink floral with a seafoam green bow? I would wear this tucked into a high-waisted denim skirt, or maybe layered over some denim cut-offs.
That red gingham dress just screams "summer" to me. I would make it a touch shorter, but I love the loose, blousy cut of the bodice. The lines are simple enough to support a really vibrant print, maybe something with birds or a graphic floral. I would probably not make a matching belt, but instead belt it with a scarf or one of my many classy faux-leather belts from Target or Forever 21.
Um, can anyone say ROMPER? This culotte dress could so easily be shortened, and it would be a perfect loose, forgiving cut for a summer playsuit. My only worry is the width of the legs--I might need to adjust that a bit to ease my mind (I would constantly be worrying about, ahem, exposing myself).
This nightgown pattern is a little cheesy, but I really like the babydoll nightgown in the center. I have a hard time finding pajamas that are comfortable because I can't stand any kind of lace or embroidery that might chafe against my skin. This could be mitigated by sewing my own nightgown in a super-soft swiss dot or knit material. Maybe one little teensy ribbon bow wouldn't hurt....


Jessa said...

OMG! I really want a romper!

Kathryn said...

Jessa, we're close enough in size that we could use the same romper pattern. Let's have a ROMPER MAKING DAY.