Friday, September 3, 2010

Outfit Friday, regency style

It is still SO HOT here! Yesterday was at least 97 or 98, plus a lot of humidity. Looking at the forecast, I doubt we'll start having fall weather (read: mid-80s) until early October. Oh well, I supposedly love summer, so I guess I should relish these last days of scorching heat.

Anyway, this weekend I'm off on a surprise trip to Tuskahoma! (The surprise is that I'm actually doing something spontaneous). I'm going to visit Briel and go to the Choctaw Nation labor day fair. Plus Briel saw my list in my last post, and has promised not only to teach me how to spin with a drop spindle, but also how to make and can peach jam! I'm extremely excited.

Yesterday I was reading a regency-era romance novel (Georgette Heyer, anyone?) over breakfast and got inspired to create an outfit that would be reminiscent of that era. The result was maybe less "regency" and more "crazy lady with three different prints," but I still liked it.

top - Modcloth, skirt - GAP, shoes - UO

The skirt I wore is several years old and is intended to sit at the hips, but I safety-pinned it in a few inches and added a scarf-and-brooch belt arrangement to disguise all the jerry-rigging that went into this outfit.

scarf - hippie store, brooch - gift

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Liz said...

It looks quirky and cute, love your hair too!