Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My First Fashion Icon & Fall Trends

It seems like every style blogger I read is talking about fall fashion, and in some ways I'm excited for the clothing possibilities the changing seasons offer as well. I certainly won't complain when I'm able to wear more outside than just shorts & a tank top or a dress and sandals. (Unfortunately it's still so hot here that that's not going to happen for a while). I have mixed feelings about trends for fall, though--it seems like neutrals and a certain tastefulness are going to be in, and, well, I don't do neutrals very well. According to this Refinery 29 post the big color trends for fall are: camel, metallic, olive, ice blue, rich purple, and red. I can get behind purple and red, I guess? The others I could take or leave. Really the problem here is my first fashion icon, Mz Frizzle:

Talk about being able to put together an outfit. I think I still strive, at least subconsciously, to create a theme any time I put an outfit together -- and sometimes, the theme is something classy (like, "Mad Men") but sometimes the theme is something less sophisticated (like "Kinds of Sea Creatures!").

The truth is, I like dressing like Mz Frizz now and again (or more often). I like wearing outlandish colors mixed together, and jewelry that thematically coordinates with my shoes. I like sewing my own clothes in colors and combinations that you just can't find in a store. So, I think my personal fashion trends for fall 2010 are going to be: color, ruffles, ridiculous shoes, handmade accessories, and of course a good Mz Frizzle up-do.

Okay, maybe I'll throw in a few pairs of boots & skinny jeans, and a cardigan here or there. But only if it has ruffles on it or felt flowers pinned to it (or both).

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