Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What was I thinking?!?

Image by 工字背心, found via Creature Comforts.

I miss my long hair so much! What was I thinking when I cut it short? I know what I was thinking: I need to metaphorically shed a year of negative thoughts and self-doubt and anger. And it worked, but I REALLY miss being able to go days without washing my hair and throw it into a braid and leave the house. Next time, remind me that I hate short hair, I hate having to wash my hair every other day and STYLE it for goodness sake to have it look decent.


Alanna said...

Your short hair is so cute though! When I have anti-style short hair days I use this stuff called Surf Hair. It makes your hair all textured and chunky -- like, good messy. Then I don't have to dry or style or even comb it. I comb my hair like three times a year because I have no energy for grooming or hygiene.

Kathryn said...

Surf Hair! I will investigate it. I completely agree re: grooming--I just don't care! This is why my nails are short and I shave my legs like twice a month. Oh, Grinnell, what hath you wrought?