Monday, June 14, 2010

Rainy Day Skirt

The blog is back! I know the world was waiting with bated breath for me to return to this little sphere of the internet. Life has settled down again--my family is almost entirely settled into our new house, and my grandmother, although debilitated from her stroke, is able to live at home with the care of my aunt and uncle. Plus, we're deep in the middle of my favorite season, and I'm almost afraid that I'll blink and summer will have passed me by! What is it about summer that seems more fleeting and ethereal than any other time of year? (and hotter?)

It wasn't hot today! A miraculously lovely thunderstorm swept through Oklahoma today, leaving Tulsa cooler and breezier than it's been since early April. (Less miraculously, there was a ton of flooding in Oklahoma City, which is scary! And I hope everybody there is safe.) In any case, I love a good rainy day.

I made this floral patterned skirt last night using this tutorial from Freshly Picked. It worked like a charm, and only took about an hour! (It probably could have taken less time if I was less fastidious about measuring twice and cutting once). In any case, I think I'll be making more skirts along these lines, with a few adjustments (an inch off the waist so it fits more snugly at my natural waist, an inch shorter, deeper pockets!). This is a very versatile method that can be used to make any number of different styles of skirts.

On an entirely different note... I've been thinking about starting to post outfit pictures in this space. I can't decide if it's an exercise in completely over-the-top postmodern narcissism, or whether it's a way to showcase my creativity. I really do think of clothing as a creative outlet, and I'm somewhat addicted to the fashion blogs of others, so I think I'll give it a shot, for a little while at least. Plus my friend Ruth told me I should, and Ruth knows all.

(top-Gap, Skirt- self-made, boots-Target, necklace-J.Crew outlet, scarf headband - thrifted)

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