Monday, August 3, 2009

All-Consuming Quilting

For awhile there wasn't much news on the crafting front because I was spending a little too much time snoozing and not enough time, well, making.

I did get a new oilcloth tablecloth for my craft table! I love the aqua/red/yellow combination. I ordered a couple yards of oilcloth and just pinked the edges to finish it and square it off. Hooray tablecloth!

Anyway, I recently got a copy of Patchwork Style, which is an insanely beautiful book. I really wanted to start in on some of the projects immediately, but I couldn't work on something new knowing that I had a quilting project squirreled away that I've been meaning to finish for about a year. So I got it back out....
And forced Jessa and Lissie to come over and hang out with me while I sewed...
(Jessa was working on a collage book for a friend from college. I like this page!)

And... voila! All the squares laid out prior to assembling the top. The top is sewn together now. I just need to buy batting, tie it all together, add a binding and I will have a (sort of) real quilt done!

Caution: do not start a quilting project unless you have copious amounts of time and many episodes of Ugly Betty to see you through, because you WILL NOT be able to stop working on it until you get to see it put together!

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