Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Spring is here! It's really really here! It was warm and sunny and in the 50's here today, with temperatures supposedly nearing 70 on Friday. I really hope it comes true!

Although the warmer weather and sunshine should have put me in a good mood today, instead I was SUPER GRUMPY. I hate days where my mood just refuses to budge, despite all my attempts at magical thinking. I drove to my grandmother's house and was grumpy. I went to Hancock's to check out fabric possibilities for spring clothing and found nothing and was grumpy. I came home and went for a walk and was grumpy. I made stir fry for dinner and the tofu fell apart and (you guessed it) I was grumpy.

I'm making Decisions about Life right now, and Waiting to Hear things, and it's just put me in a frame of mind where everything seems simultaneously hopelessly static and terribly uncertain. Spring makes me realize all over again how much I love Tulsa as a concept, yet I feel as though I haven't taken full advantage of living here this year. Yet, if I'm going to be moving away soon, and traveling in-between, there's really no point to starting anything new, right? (Obviously that's ridiculous--spring is the perfect time to start something new--but that's just how my mind's been working lately).

Forgive me my rambling. Hopefully tomorrow I'll wake up all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready to take the world by storm! Hopefully.

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