Monday, September 7, 2009

Braids & Warm Hands!

I have recently become obsessed with the Flickr group Braid Wednesday. I've also been wearing my hair in braids more and more (especially on bad hair days--see above!) Maybe I should join?

It's campaign season in Tulsa, and there are approximately 50 mayoral candidates.

But most importantly, I made some hand warmers! These are from the "Victoria Fingerless Mittens" pattern in Knitting Little Luxuries. I made them with Caron "Country" in "Coral Lipstick." This yarn is nice because it's cheap and mostly acrylic, but doesn't feel cheap and acrylic. It's 25% Merino, but not scratchy at all--I'm usually super wool-sensitive, and these don't make me itch in the least. And they're cozy and a little victorian-y and make me feel like I'm ready for fall to come!

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